Jackass Visiting Your Boxing Club

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Things That Flag You For Being a Know-Nothing JackAss When Visiting a Boxing Club:

  • You are a new or novice boxer stating that your single-minded goal is going to the Olympics.
  • You start conversations and ask boxers their records, not just how many fights they may have.
  • You say that you have boxing experience “from fighting in the streets.”
  • You hit the bags during conversations with the coach, not just out of interest to test the stuff, but almost as if you actually think you look good doing it.
  • You ‘interview’ the coach about who his favorite fighter is, as if that is a direct reflection of his coaching style.
  • You say you want to be like “Mayweather.” (or any boxer)
  • You ask to spar before joining the boxing club.
  • You want to train in a larger facility, but you know nothing about training because you never did it or you never stuck with it for any significant amount of time.
  • You are a novice boxer (or its equivalent) and you claim to not need coaching due to your experience.

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