Fear Training – The Essential Aspect of Training in Martial Arts

Some of these issues have been addressed in “The Problem with Bruce Lee’s JKD,” but it is discussed here in more depth as this has been an on-going discussion with several of our readers. Martial Arts schools are typically “business above all things,” so every potential martial artist/fighter must look at everything honestly. First of all, all belt systems that I have ever come across are arbitrary. They’re just selling points to appease people who need to be patted on the back. Whether it’s t-shirts systems, or patch systems, dojos and schools have arbitrary ways of monitoring people’s improvement. They’re so arbitrary in their methods that the rewards are…

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Breaking Bricks and Breaking Bu!!$%it

Penn & Teller barely touched on the complexities of martial arts in their episode Martial Arts of their award-winning Showtime hit series “Bullshit,” but they did manage to point out the waste of time martial arts can be. Martial arts is more of a waste than just its self-defense sales point; it’s also filled with martial techniques that have zero basis of working. I’ve written to Penn and Teller several times during their first season suggesting that they did an exposé on martial arts’ crap. Perhaps my letters are the reason a show was dedicated to martial arts, but maybe I’m just gloating with such an indulgent assumption. Anyone…

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