Easter Queens Boxing Club located at Hempstead Ave. in Queens village offers boxing for every level.

We Grow Boxing

The two aspects of boxing training that make it the ultimate art is that it is the most practical martial art AND it works the mind arguably better than any other pursuit in the world. The nature of boxing separates it from everything else. It’s the nuance of what happens in boxing’s finite space: the intellectual decisions that need to be made coupled with the danger and fear and suddenness in the punching range. The coaches teach about this, as it is the heart of boxing. They just make it simple, because boxing is practical and realistic. The coaches are staples of the community who go to schools to speak with the youth about the depth of boxing and its many benefits. Boxing is unparalleled to stay fit physically and mentally. Boxing also offers an amalgam of mental health benefits.

“Women who want a real boxing workout and who don’t want to be pandered to are also welcome. There is no such thing as women’s boxing... boxing is something any woman can do just as a man can, whether it’s for fitness or to acquire a practical self-defense trade without the jumbled cookie-cut classes that have women doing all the same things with little technical corrections.At EQBC there are real boxers, young girls and women, who train to compete as well.”

Children who are in need of improvement in school, have confidence issues, depression, anger management issues or are bullied all benefit greatly from boxing and boxing gym culture. People with Parkinson’s Syndrome, as well as Autistic children get so much from the particular physicality in boxing’s proper motor movements, as well.

Find Yourself at Eastern Queens Boxing Club

Easter Queens Boxing Club, located on Hempstead Ave. in Queens village offers boxing for every level. For beginners who are unsure to professionals looking for a new home. Whatever your boxing goals are: fitness, to learn the art of boxing, to possibly compete. We also offer pee-wee boxing, bantam, intermediate, JO, and youth boxing. Adult and kid MMA fighters and kickboxers are also welcome to enhance their boxing. Sub-novice, novice, intermediate, elite, and professionals all come to EQBC. Increase strength through their sports conditioning and functional training techniques. EQBC has daily training for everyone, and their trainers and fighters are widely considered to be among the best. To be the best trainers and the best fightersthey can be…“that is our goal.”

Boxing training is the perfect fit to keep the mind & body healthy:

– It Improves Total-Body Strength

– Better Hand-Eye Coordination

– Decreased Stress

– Improved Body Composition

– Increases Overall Athleticism

The Location

Eastern Queens Boxing Club is located 3/10ths of a mile west of the Cross Island Parkway and Belmont.  Members come from Belmont, Elmont, and all of Long Island, Brooklyn, and surrounding neighborhoods of Queens, NY.  The club is 1 block east of Springfield Blvd.  The E train is just one bus away (Q2, Q110, Q27, Q88). We are a short walk from Jamaica Ave. and the LIRR. Parking is always easy on the surrounding residential streets of Queens Village.

equipped with everything To Improve your Training

EQBC is equipped with everything to improve your training in our gym except a swimming pool. The club’s greatest asset is what our coaches offer – time, experience, love for boxing – and the ability to hold people in the
training programs (classes) to a consistently high standard. EQBC has years of continuing education, hands-on experience, and evolving and innovating the art.

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