Eastern Queens Boxing Club is located in Queens, NY and welcomes people of all ages, men, women, and children. We work with individuals of all skill levels from aspiring Olympians and Golden Glovers to the every day person who is looking to get in shape. If you have any interest in learning how to box or if you already know how to box and are interested in improving at Eastern Queens Boxing Club, then give us a call or send us an email to set up an appointment to meet with a coach to see if it’s a fit. Email us by clicking contact.
“When I first walked into EQBC, I knew it was gonna be my home. I never boxed a day in my life, but I felt the atmosphere, a throwback to the days of old. Gritty boxing where boxing is all and everything they do. They have all the equipment — some you may only see at EQBC — all in a roughly 600 square foot space of ‘doing work.’ The thing I truly love most about my club is that it’s in a house where training is exclusive and when you’re welcomed in, the focus is on one thing: making the smartest boxers around. It’s just the best small club in the world.” — Eric Morrissey (New York Daily News Golden Glove Quarter-Finalist)


  • True club atmosphere.  “Family without the obligation.”
  • No pressure to spar or participate in ANY activities. “Inspiring, not pressuring.”
  • Video analysis and coach-boxer reviews.
  • No wasting time holding pads for others unless you want to.  The coaches do mittwork/padwork for everyone.
  • Weekly run meets.
  • Apprentice coaching.
  • No set time.  24 hour availability.
  • Develop your own style here.  We don’t discourage different styles if they make sense.
  • No hero/idol worship.  And coaches are not drill sergeants unless it’is part of an individual’s plan.
  • Individualized training and NOT JUST SAYING THAT.
  • No egos.
  • Unlimited coaching included at no extra cost.
  • Outside the gym guidance. Wake-up calls for runs. Weigh-ins. Watching fights, seconding other boxers, and the ABSOLUTE preparation for potential competition fighters.
  • More boxing specific equipment than ANY other gym GUARANTEED.  If we don’t have it and it is beneficial, we’will buy it so you can improve and enjoy.
  • Advisory meetings for any boxer who needs to be pointed in the right direction for getting help in areas not only boxing related.
  • Fight parties at no cost unless for St. Jude‘s charity.



Many of our boxers choose the full membership at $79/month for the year. This membership has the most benefits including 24/7 access, unlimited sessions, coaching/one-to-one training, in-house physiotherapist assistance, sanctioned fights, and Loyalty Rates. All cornerwork and supplies and basic transportation to local fights are included at no cost to the fighter. There are no registration fees. No-contract agreements and month-to-month dues are available as well.

*Half-off memberships for active Open Level boxers and seniors over age 65.


  • Introduced to boxing at the age of 12, training under reputable coaches – local and upstate – through adulthood.
  • Started coaching in 2003.
  • Opened Eastern Queens Boxing Club in 2011.
  • Coached Metropolitan champions, NYBT champions, Ringside National Champion, Northeast Champion, Purebreed Champions, and 2016 NY Daily News Golden Gloves Champion.
  • EQBC Developed 3 National advancement boxers, and all ranked fighters at EQBC were developed at EQBC.
  • Chiefed over 200 fights.
  • Recognized for the 2016 George Washington Coach’s award at the Daily News GG Finals.
  • Selected member of Metro coaching staff in the 2016 Olympic Trials and 2017 Eastern Qualifiers.
  • Coach of 2016 Golden Gloves Fariello and College scholarships winner, Jack McGrath
  • Selected member of Metro coaching staff in a boxoff between Scandinavian countries, Denmark and Sweden vs. NY.
  • AIBA 1-Star Coach.
  • USA Boxing Level 2 Coach.
  • Head coach of EQBC, an NYSAC Licensed Boxing Club with all CPR Certified Coaches.
  • Licensed Professional Boxing Second.
  • Licensed Professional Boxing Manager.
  • Published writer on various websites as well as blog administrator for Shootafairone.com





219-07 Hempstead Ave.

Queens Village, NY 11429

(718) PRO-RING (718-776-7464)
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