• Introduced to boxing at the age of 12, training under reputable coaches – local and upstate – through adulthood.
  • Started coaching in 2003.
  • Opened Eastern Queens Boxing Club in 2011.
  • Coached Metropolitan champions, NYBT champions, Ringside National Champion, Northeast Champion, Purebreed Champions,
    and 2016 NY Daily News Golden Gloves Champion.
  • EQBC Developed 3 National advancement boxers, and all ranked fighters at EQBC were developed at EQBC.
  • Chiefed over 200 fights.
  • Recognized for the 2016 George Washington Coach’s award at the Daily News GG Finals.
  • Selected member of Metro coaching staff in the 2016 Olympic Trials and 2017 Eastern Qualifiers.
  • Coach of 2016 Golden Gloves Fariello and College scholarships winner, Jack McGrath
  • Selected member of Metro coaching staff in a boxoff between Scandinavian countries, Denmark and Sweden vs. NY.
  • AIBA 1-Star Coach.
  • USA Boxing Level 2 Coach.
  • Head coach of EQBC, an NYSAC Licensed Boxing Club with all CPR Certified Coaches.
  • Licensed Professional Boxing Second.
  • Licensed Professional Boxing Manager.
  • Published writer on various websites as well as blog administrator for