• True club atmosphere.  “Family without the obligation.”
  • No pressure to spar or participate in ANY activities. “Inspiring, not pressuring.”
  • Video analysis and coach-boxer reviews.
  • No wasting time holding pads for others unless you want to.  The coaches do mittwork/padwork for everyone.
  • Weekly run meets.
  • Apprentice coaching.
  • No set time.  24 hour availability.
  • Develop your own style here.  We don’t discourage different styles if they make sense.
  • No hero/idol worship.  And coaches are not drill sergeants unless it’is part of an individual’s plan.
  • Individualized training and NOT JUST SAYING THAT.
  • No egos.
  • Unlimited coaching included at no extra cost.
  • Outside the gym guidance. Wake-up calls for runs. Weigh-ins. Watching fights, seconding other boxers, and the ABSOLUTE preparation for potential competition fighters.
  • More boxing specific equipment than ANY other gym GUARANTEED.  If we don’t have it and it is beneficial, we’will buy it so you can improve and enjoy.
  • Advisory meetings for any boxer who needs to be pointed in the right direction for getting help in areas not only boxing related.
  • Fight parties at no cost unless for St. Jude‘s charity.
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